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 Includes an open source CMS wired directly to your AMS and augmented by an Open REST API  

Utilizing an Association Management System (AMS) with an open API provides the opportunity for your organization to establish a superior technology ecosystem. The open API of AssociationServer, for instance, facilitates seamless integration with our AMS, enabling associations to manage and access the most recent data from various sources via a unified database. Moreover, the advantage of an open API is less code writing for developers, making the integration phase of implementation more efficient, expedited, and cost-effective. Our API documentation, essential for automating integration with other systems, is readily accessible, allowing system vendors or consultants to comprehend the integration process effortlessly, demonstrating the universal accessibility characteristic of an open API.

Contact us today to receive the Open REST API Whitepaper to see how simple it can be.

The whitepaper is organized into two sections: The first section describes the Workflow Building elements built into AssociationServer.com ; and the second section provides technical examples of how to use these tools in real-world scenarios.
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