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2021 - New Cloud Platform: Azure AMS

Version 3.5 is a fully Microsoft Azure "Platform as a Service" solution!  Powerful regional hosting in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and around the world.

The industry's first fully web-based AMS back in 2005, is now the industry's foremost Azure Cloud AMS in 2021!

Our experience in automating complex e-commerce workflows is unparalleled, and now thanks to Azure, the power of our platform is also unmatched.

Finally, we are out of the "prototype" phase and ready to build you the most awesome solution possible at prices you won't believe.

If you’re anything like the many different associations we’ve worked with over the years, you don’t quite fit the “mold”. But you still want and deserve, the convenience, cost, and reliability of an off-the-shelf solution. That’s where we come in, our promise to you, is to deliver a custom-tailored solution as if it was an off-the-shelf product built specifically for you. You’ll have a high-performance solution that your staff enjoy using and your online members will return to often.

Contact us today to learn how affordable our startup packages are. Each package includes all of your data migration, member profile configuration, your payment merchant of choice, your unique e-commerce website, onboarding and training, and a full year of hosting and support.

How do you cut your losses and break the expensive and exhausting three year cycle of version overhauls?