What We Do

The promise of Oasis, and our unique proposition, is to deliver you a custom-tailored solution as if it were an off-the-shelf product built specifically for you. The result is a high-performance solution that your staff enjoy using and your members find engaging, simple, and effective.

  1. Largest customer - 150 daily staff admin users
  2. Smallest customer - 1 daily user
  3. All customers running the same version of the same platform
  4. All customers safely and reliably hosted in Microsoft's Azure Cloud
  5. Longest customer - 15+ years

2022 Focus on Incredible Websites

  • New In-house Design Team – we now design & build websites for our clients
    • In the past, we have encouraged clients to outsource the website design – now we encourage a one-stop approach when possible
    • Over the years we've seen that a disconnected design of the workflows resulted in unnecessary complexity and costs for our clients
    • Web design firms don’t always have the long-term vision required for the success of a connected AMS system
  • New Virtual Meetings fully integrated with Zoom
  • New Video Streaming Service
  • Member Communities
    • Build your own Member Engagement Community (similar to Associations Connect)
  • Member Engagement Scoring

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