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  • Azure Load Balancing for screaming fast performance

    Just released: Load Balance performance options for Azure SQL Databases.

    When users perform a high-intensity queries or large reports – all active users of the system can be impacted. … more

  • Auto Tuning for Optimal Performance

    SQL Azure works constantly in the background monitoring usage and providing automatic tuning updates and recommendations to ensure your application performs optimally.

    Azure SQL Database … more

  • High performance for decades of historical data

    Typically, associations maintain decades of historical data. On top of that, our clients collect a lot of activity log data. A lot. Our clients also maintain a ton of transaction audit trails that … more

  • Point in time data recovery every 6 minutes

    SQL Database uses SQL Server technology to create full, differential, and transaction log backups. The transaction log backups generally happen every 5 - 10 minutes, with the frequency based on the … more

  • Azure SQL Database Migration

    Oasis Computing has started to migrate our clients from SQL Server 2016 Enterprise over to the new cloud-based database platform Azure SQL Database. The Azure SQL Database is a quantum leap in … more

  • Azure Scheduled Reporting

    The new Azure reporting infrastructure now allows you to flag reports to run in the background or automatically overnight so they are ready for your team in the morning. You also now have the ability … more

  • Azure Email supports file attachments

    Best Practices

    Attachments are in and of themselves potential risks when sending email. Email filters are more likely to prevent delivery of a message that has an attachment due to the risk of … more