A Better Way to Send Email

Version 3.0 marries the power of SmartLists with the all of the benefits of the MailChimp newsletter service.

  • MailChimp provides hundreds of customizable email templates for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros.
  • MailChimp allows you to upload and store as many photos and files as you want, free of charge.
  • MailChimp’s free reports analyze clicks, opens, social activity, and so much more. You can even learn about individual subscribers.
  • Your email campaigns could be generating serious revenue. Our Google Analytics integration shows you instant ROI results.

Seamless automatic full synchronization between your real-time membership data and MailChimp contact lists

  • Real-time list synchronization with your membership database and Mail-Chimp contacts.
  • All member profile fields are available as merge fields for each email and campaign.
  • Track email bounces and unsubscribes with each member profile within Association Server.